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September 12, 2017 / Inside Europe

Sharing favorite places and experiences with like-minded people is what we are all about at iNSIDE EUROPE. Following us on Instagram is an easy way to be inspired on where to go and what to do — in Europe and also the European islands in the Carribean.

As part of our #TravelTuesday features, we just shared this iconic candid group shot of our 2014 Bel Canto travelers on our Instagram page to re-introduce iNSIDE EUROPE and share what we are all about. This photo of family and friends trying to get their snapshots of the official Bel Canto Choir group picture is one of our favorite memories. It dates back to the 2014  iNCANTATO CONCERT TOURS experience crafted for Mr. Bruce Koliha and over 100 singers plus entourage to three major capitals of Europe: London, Paris and Rome, as well as Vatican City. At iNSIDE EUROPE, we always encourage our travelers to take the road less traveled and experience favorite places they may have never heard about: like Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte, a mini-Versailles, privately owned and a must-see in our opinion.

This candid shot was taken by our dear friend and #travelphotographer Steven Wylie.
It is one of our all time favorite pictures as it captures the essence of what traveling should be all about: experiencing beautiful places with great people.

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Welcome – Bienvenue – Willkommen – Bienvenidos – Benvenuti to one of our favorite places amongst great people — our travelers! iNSIDE EUROPE is a family-owned boutique travel company founded in 2007 by Sandra Weinacht (with the purple phone) and Ted Keppler (in the matching checkered shirt). Together with our passionate team from various walks of life, we craft one-of-a-kind experiences to and across Europe. We travel for a living and live to travel. Our passion is to help people travel better together, to make sure that they are never just another tourist, but really get to experience the destinations they are visiting with all their senses — especially taste. Our #europeinsiders are foodies, craft beer lovers, musicians, educators, historians, and so much more, but most of all they are caring travel experts who live and love to travel . We craft each journey anew for the actual travelers. We think outside the box and innovate. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us and our mission. One of our favorite quotes is by Ibn Battuta: “Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Where do you want to go next? #travelbettertogether #traveldeeper #jstarchallenge

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